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Furnaces in Columbus, GA

Give us a call today: 334-298-1278

If you’re ready to perfect your furnace service, then make sure that you come to the Riley Heating & Air team. We’re the professionals you can rely on every time in Columbus, GA because:

  • Our rockstar technicians are kind, professional, and care about their integrity.
  • We treat all our employees and customers like family.
  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We’ve got it all covered—from furnace maintenance to furnace installation. We can even help you no matter how you choose to power this unit because we make sure we’re well versed in both electric furnaces and gas furnaces. 

Contact us for your furnace in Columbus, GA. Rely on Riley.


Furnace Installation

Although furnaces have a great reputation for being both efficient and reliable, you’re not going to receive the full benefit of these systems without the right installation. At Riley Heating & Air, we can provide you with the right installation because we’re experienced. We maintain a high-level reputation due to our quality work.

Furnace Replacement

Your furnace is going to need to be replaced after about 10 to 15 years of operation. If you notice that your furnace is wearing down this season, then it’s time to put it to rest and adopt a new unit. A new furnace is the answer in most cases, and we’ll make sure you have the right one for your home’s needs.

Furnace Repair

Is your furnace running in short, inefficient cycles? Are you hearing odd noises? Do you feel you’re paying far too much for your furnace to run this season? These are all signs that your furnace isn’t properly suited for your home. Furnace repair is something that can eradicate all these issues. Our professionals are the ones to turn to because we’re all trained and experienced.