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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip HVAC Maintenance This Fall

While residents in some states around the country are turning their heaters on, those in our area will have to wait a while before the temperature drops low enough to warrant such an action. But fortunately, as the fall season arrives, the heat and humidity will finally start to give way to cooler weather. Give your system a break and invest in HVAC maintenance this fall so that your heating system can provide the comfort you need when winter comes.

You’ll Receive Higher Energy Bills This Winter

Although winter’s lowest average temperature in Phenix City, Alabama flirts with freezing, it doesn’t always reach it. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be using your heating system constantly to keep warm. One of the biggest benefits of maintenance on your HVAC system is that it’ll help conserve energy and save money monthly by ensuring it operates more efficiently. With less stress and strain, your system won’t consume as much energy.

You’ll Risk a Major Breakdown and an Expensive Repair

The last thing you want is for your heating system is to break down on a cold winter night. Professional maintenance ensures minor issues are dealt with today so that they don’t develop into major and costly repairs tomorrow. The faster you take care of a problem, the less likely it is to become bigger and more worrisome. While changing the air filter monthly is one task you can perform on your own to improve indoor comfort and increase heating efficiency, you won’t be able to tell if your system has an issue unless a trained eye takes a look.

You’ll Shorten the System’s Life

As with many systems like your motor vehicle, regular maintenance is critical to get the most out of its operating life. Otherwise, as with a car that hasn’t had an oil change in years, important equipment won’t last as long as expected. It will also cost you more in replacements than it would to invest in professional HVAC maintenance.

Your Household’s Health

While heating efficiency is one of those benefits that saves you money, safety should always be your number one priority in and out of your home. Since heating systems are complex and contain a lot of tricky wiring and other electrical mechanisms, trying to perform routine maintenance on your HVAC system yourself can put your property and your family in danger. In addition, poorly maintained systems can affect your air quality and contribute to respiratory and other illnesses.

For more information about heating efficiency and the benefits of HVAC maintenance, you can rely on the experts at Riley Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us today at 334-298-1278 to learn more about how to get the most from your heating system this winter.

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