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Importance of Cleaning the AC ‘s Condenser Coil

Monday, November 4th, 2019

The Importance of Cleaning the AC Unit’s Outdoor Coil

Your air conditioner is a somewhat complex machine with many components that work together to keep your home cool. If there’s an issue with any single part, it can drag down the system as a whole. That’s why cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner is so important. To get the best performance out of your AC unit, it is also important to regularly clean the outdoor condenser coil.

What the Outdoor Unit Does

To understand the importance of the condenser coil, it helps to know how your air conditioner works. Your air conditioner moves heat out of your home and replaces it with cool air. Hot air flows over the indoor (evaporator) coils, where the refrigerant absorbs that heat, causing it to evaporate. Special conduits then carry that gas to the outdoor unit, where a special pump called a compressor forces the gas, under high pressure, to return to liquid form. The extra heat that is created in this process is passed outdoors via the condenser coils. As a result, the gas cools and changes back to a liquid state. The refrigerant releases that stored heat outside the home, leaving the cooler air for indoors. This cycle repeats continuously in order to keep your home cool.

How Cleaning Helps

Hand cleaning air conditioner condenser coils

Because the whole purpose of the outdoor unit is to release heat outside your home, having good air flow is essential. The better the air flow, the more efficiently the air conditioner can get rid of that stored heat, improving the performance of the system as a whole. Because it is outdoors, the unit is exposed to a variety of elements. Keeping the outdoor unit clean means brushing off dust, pollen, and dirt, clearing off any debris that may have fallen onto or into the unit, and cutting back any foliage within a few feet of the system. Ensure there are no objects or landscaping within two feet of the outdoor units on all sides, and within five feet of the top of the unit.

Keeping the exterior portion of the unit clean is relatively simple, but cleaning coils and other components inside is best left to the pros. Regular maintenance will ensure that your condenser coils stay in good working condition. For more information about keeping your air conditioner properly maintained, call Riley Heating & Air Conditioning at 334-298-1278.

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What Are Split AC Systems?

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Today’s modern air conditioners are complex feats of engineering that employ multiple pieces of equipment to keep homes in Alabama and western Georgia cool and comfortable. While the components are sometimes bundled into one “packaged” unit for commercial applications, split AC systems are the most popular choice for residential use. Splitting the system into two separate units allows for greater versatility when it comes to installation, and the split design offers additional advantages as well.

How They Work

Like most cooling systems, split air conditioners work by using refrigerant to extract heat from the air in your home, and moves it outside. When the refrigerant liquid evaporates into a gas, it pulls energy in the form of heat from the surrounding air. The AC equipment then uses pressure to turn the gas back into a liquid and starts the process all over again. With split AC systems, an outdoor unit contains the condenser and compressor, and an indoor cabinet houses the evaporator.

Split AC System Advantages

As the components responsible for converting the refrigerant gas into a liquid, the compressor and condenser generate the most heat and noise. Housing them in an outdoor unit lets you enjoy all the advantages of air conditioning in quiet comfort. The indoor unit is typically installed in an out-of-the-way place like a basement or attic.

In homes with existing central heating systems, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends split AC systems as the most affordable option for adding central AC. The EPA also stresses the importance of ensuring that the system is properly installed and maintained using professional HVAC services.

At Riley Heating and Air Conditioning, we have more than 40 years of experience helping homeowners in Phenix City and the surrounding areas to choose the ideal AC system. For more information about split air conditioning systems and how they work to enhance your comfort at home, check out our cooling solutions or call us today at 334-298-1278.

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