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Smarter, Greener HVAC Systems for Columbus Homeowners

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

States in the South can vary dramatically in per-capita energy use, and these variations can also be noted in the residential sectors of different states. Georgia’s residential usage, for example, represents approximately one-fourth of the state’s energy consumption, while neighboring Alabama uses less than one-fifth of its energy for residential needs. A common fact in both states is that an average of almost one-half of the residential energy used is consumed by heating and cooling systems. The consideration of smarter, greener systems can be an important step in helping the environment while minimizing your own household costs. Following are some excellent choices as you consider your next Columbus HVAC system.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

By tapping into the earth’s energy, you can minimize the need to use resources that can be depleted or that can affect the environment through pollution or the release of greenhouse gases. A geothermal heat pump involves the use of the ground or a water source to facilitate heat exchange, allowing for more efficient heating and cooling of a home while minimizing the electricity used in the process. Geothermal energy is considered a renewable resource by the EPA, not contributing to air pollution or climate change. Considerations that may affect your ability to install a geothermal heat pump may include your proximity to a suitable water source or sufficient land for installation of the extensive coil system.

High Efficiency Levels with Greenspeed

Manufacturers such as Carrier have worked to increase efficiency levels in HVAC systems, far exceeding the minimum efficiency levels imposed by the government in some lines of equipment. Greenspeed equipment is a smart solution for those who want maximum efficiency levels with excellent comfort management. Greenspeed series furnaces and heat pumps can work together to provide hybrid heating configurations that ensure that the best fuel and heating unit is used at any particular time. The adaptive features of Greenspeed equipment also provide comfort-related adjustments based on the interior conditions of a home. While the use of electricity and natural gas in these systems is not a green energy solution, it is a smarter approach when renewable solutions aren’t feasible.

Smart Management with Infinity Control Systems

Both Greenspeed and Infinity systems from Carrier are lines that can coordinate with Infinity controls for smarter management of settings and other factors. Wi-Fi capability makes it possible to enjoy a seamless experience as you make adjustments from the touchscreen interface or from your computer or wireless device. Infinity controls can also monitor maintenance needs such as filter changes and humidity issues. You can limit your system to just heating and cooling action, or you can expand to include the monitoring of indoor air quality equipment such as humidifiers, air cleaners, and ventilation equipment.

Environmentally Appropriate Refrigerants

Today’s systems are no longer manufactured with Freon due to the phase-out associated with the Montreal Protocol. Rather, Puron refrigerant is one of the most common alternatives, used in many of the most efficient systems. As you look for new Columbus HVAC equipment, you can expect to find Puron refrigerant in equipment such as Greenspeed and Infinity heat pumps and air conditioners.

Riley Heating & Air Conditioning is available to provide recommendations and an estimate for any of these green and smart system choices as you plan for your next HVAC installation.

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