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Can I Take Care of My Server Room Cooling on My Own?

Monday, November 28th, 2022

Many businesses have a server room or computer room to manage all your network server resources. The size of the server room depends on the type of business you operate: it might be the size of a small closet, or it could take up several rooms worth of space. If you’re reading this, you probably have a small server room, but this doesn’t make it any less important to the success of your business on a day-to-day basis. Damage to the servers can mean a devastating loss of data as well as downtime for your computers. Even if heat doesn’t cause permanent damage to the equipment, it will limit its working capacity and lower response times.

Server rooms generate immense amounts of heat, so they must have cooling to protect the equipment in them. How can you cool your server room? You might think this is something easily managed: maybe leave the door open or place a fan in there. Or a portable AC/swamp cooler unit.  And doesn’t the normal HVAC system take care of keeping the room cool?

No, a standard HVAC system isn’t sufficient—and you definitely need professionals to help you set up proper server room cooling.

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Important Safety Tips for Gas Furnaces

Monday, November 14th, 2022

Most of our customers use gas furnaces in Columbus, OH to heat their homes in winter. There are good reasons gas furnaces are so widely used: they provide powerful heating that many other systems can’t match, work quickly at getting heat to rooms, and cost less to run than an electric furnace. However, gas furnaces have a slight drawback, which is that any use of natural gas comes with some risk.

We don’t want to scare you away from using a gas furnace because, with the right precautions, you probably won’t run into any dangers. We want to help you have the safest winter possible, so below are our best furnace safety tips…

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Is an Electric Furnace a Good Option for Winter Heating?

Monday, October 17th, 2022

Winter is not that far off, and you may have a dilemma in your home: you don’t have a central heating system but you definitely want one. Using space heaters just isn’t a useful option for a home your size, and you want the convenience of having warmth sent to all the rooms.

Good news: it’s easy to add central heating to your home if you already have existing ductwork for your air conditioner. If this is the situation you’re in, then an electric furnace is one of your options for heating.

But is it a good option?

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Is It Time to Replace Your Old Gas Furnace?

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

You may have heard tales of gas furnaces that managed to run for 30, 40, or even 50 years before going to the scrapyards. This has happened, but it’s incredibly rare and only occurred with old cast-iron furnaces that had poor energy efficiency and hazardous materials such as asbestos insulation in their pipes that canceled out the benefits of their longevity. 

Today, a well-cared for gas furnace can last from 15 to 20 years. If you have a furnace that is in this age range, this fall is a good time to consider having it replaced. But how can you know if this is really the year you need to have this done? We’ll walk you through some ways to tell that you need to replace your gas furnace.

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Now Is a Good Time to Schedule Your Heating Maintenance

Monday, September 19th, 2022

You might not want to think about the idea of “heat” at this time of year when we’re still experiencing warm days and the summer temperatures will linger into the fall. But fall is always the season when you want to give serious consideration to the heating system that will keep your family safe and comfortable through the approaching winter. 

What can you do for your heating system to prepare it for the cold season? It’s easy: call Riley for heating maintenance in Columbus, GA!

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Will You Get a New AC After This Summer?

Monday, September 5th, 2022

This isn’t a question you’ll ask yourself at the end of every summer. After all, air conditioning systems can last more than a decade in most cases. However, if you are wondering if it’s time to replace your current air conditioning system once the summer is done and the heat has subsided, you probably have some solid reasons for thinking this. 

Deciding on a new air conditioning installation in Columbus, GA is a large decision. You don’t want to make it casually. You might have an AC that only requires repairs to keep it working effectively and efficiently for several more years. Finding out if it’s the right time to retire your air conditioner will require asking yourself some questions and working with professional HVAC technicians like ours.

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How You Can Save Money and Save Your AC During Heat Waves

Monday, August 22nd, 2022

We’ve had some extremely hot stretches this summer, and we can expect several more before the fall cooling finally arrives. Your home’s air conditioning system will run often to keep your home comfortable during heat waves, and that can lead to high electricity bills and possibly a worn-down air conditioner that needs repairs or even an early replacement.

You can depend on us for any help you need with your air conditioning in Columbus, GA, but we’d like to provide some preventive advice today—ways you can lower the cost to run your AC in the heat and also remove strain from it so it has a better chance of making it to fall without serious problems.

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The Importance of Regularly Changing the AC Filter

Monday, August 15th, 2022

We’ve mentioned the air filter for your HVAC system in previous blogs. If you have a standard combination of air conditioner and furnace inside a cabinet, then there’s a single air filter for both of them. We sometimes call it the “AC filter” or “furnace filter,” but it’s the same type of filter whether you’re using your HVAC system for heating or cooling. 

Now that it’s the late summer, we want to make sure you know the importance of keeping this filter clean with regular changes. If you’ve been using your AC throughout the season—and we’re sure you have, considering how hot it’s been!—but have left the same air filter in place, you’ll start to encounter serious problems with your home cooling. This filter needs to be changed every 1 to 3 months (depending on its strength), so if you’ve had the same filter in since spring, it’s overdue to be changed!

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