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Now Is a Good Time to Schedule Your Heating Maintenance


You might not want to think about the idea of “heat” at this time of year when we’re still experiencing warm days and the summer temperatures will linger into the fall. But fall is always the season when you want to give serious consideration to the heating system that will keep your family safe and comfortable through the approaching winter. 

What can you do for your heating system to prepare it for the cold season? It’s easy: call Riley for heating maintenance in Columbus, GA!

Heating Maintenance Is an Annual Job

You may know that routine maintenance inspections and tune-ups are helpful for keeping a heating system running smoothly, but you may not have realized that these tasks need to be done every year. A heating system does a tremendous amount of work during the average winter, accumulating wear and tear and picking up dust and dirt that can interfere with its operation. Without annual maintenance, any heating system will start to age faster. It can even become unsafe. We recommend you never skip maintenance. Make it a fall tradition and you’ll be rewarded many times over.

Here Are Some of the Rewards You Can Expect From Regular Maintenance

The benefits of regular maintenance are many. Here are the major ones:

  • Lower utility costs: When a heating system has annual professional maintenance, it will only lose about 5% of its efficiency rating over most of its service life. This keeps your utility costs down year after year. Without maintenance, a heating system will lose about 5% of its efficiency every year!
  • Longer equipment life: The manufacturer’s estimated service life for your heating system only applies if it has regular maintenance. Your heater may give out many years earlier without the help of tune-ups done each year—and an early replacement is an expensive solution to your heating troubles!
  • Greater capacity: A heater working in top condition thanks to professional maintenance will have a higher heating capacity and give your household the comfort it needs.
  • Fewer repairs: More than half of the repairs a heating system may need during its service life can be prevented thanks to diligent maintenance. 
  • Warranty protection: Some manufacturers’ warranties are only valid if there’s proof the system has received regular maintenance.
  • Peace of mind: This is the best reward of all—you’ll have few worries that the heater will abruptly break down on you during the middle of the winter if it received a pre-season maintenance tune-up.

Join the VIP Comfort Club

We make maintenance an even greater value through our VIP Comfort Club. When you join, you’ll become a preferred customer and receive priority status on service calls, warranties, and discounts. The Comfort Club also covers annual maintenance for your air conditioning system, so you’ve got your comfort for the year taken care of. There are other benefits as well: talk to us today to find out more and to enroll.

Contact Riley Heating & Air today to sign up for our VIP Comfort Club and schedule your next heating maintenance appointment. You can Rely on Riley!

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