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What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Constantly Runs

Many air conditioning systems are so quiet you never notice the gentle hum that tells you they’re working.

You may hear a “click” when the system kicks on and never think anything about it. However, you’ll pay attention when it starts to feel like the house never gets cooled out even when your unit is working.

Check Your Thermostat

The first thing you should do if you notice your air conditioning unit never shuts off is to look at your thermostat. Notice where it’s set. An AC system can only cool down your house to a certain level, and you may be asking too much of it. This system works by removing hot air and replacing it with cool air. If you set your thermostat too low compared to the outside temperature, it’s going to be working all the time with less than optimal results.

For instance, it may be 90 degrees outside. If you set your thermostat to 75 or even 72, you’ll notice it works harder to keep up as the temperatures go up. However, it will shut off once the temperature inside the house reaches that 72 or 75-degre mark. If it’s set to 65 or even lower, it will have to work longer and may not ever get the house as cool as you want. The difference between the inside and outside temperature is too big.

Look for Air Leaks

Even if you have the thermostat set at a reasonable temperature, the AC won’t reach that goal if you have leaks in your house. Make sure doors and windows are closed. Look for leaks around the windows or doorways as well as other areas where air can enter the house.

You may want to install curtains that keep the heat out, especially if you have large windows. The heat can penetrate inside the house through the glass even if the windows are kept closed.

Clean the Filter

If you have a dirty AC unit, it will have to work harder to do its job. Clean the filter and have the system serviced regularly. It’s best to service your air conditioner every spring before the weather gets hot. A service technician can replace the filter and check other components to let you know if something will need repaired. It’s better to know then than to find out on the hottest day of the year when your unit stops working.

Sometimes none of these quick fixes will help. Your air conditioner will still run and your house won’t be as comfortable as you would like. If your system is older, it may simply not be as efficient or as powerful as you would like. It may also be an indication that your older system needs to be replaced.

Contact Riley Heating and Air Conditioning for AC repair or to get an estimate on a new system. The team at Riley can diagnose your problem or give you a quote on a new AC unit. Don’t sweat it out this summer when a new system will help you keep your cool all season long. Call us today at 334-298-1278.

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