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Replace Your Air Filters & Schedule a Tune-up this Fall

While you’re decorating and getting your home ready for Fall gatherings, it’s important to check your air filters and schedule a HVAC tune-up to prepare for the next season.

air-filterIf home-ownership is newer to you, you may be unfamiliar with what exactly your air filters do, why it’s important to change them at least every 3 months and how to install them correctly.

The air filter’s purpose is to filter out any bacteria and harmful particles from the air. All of the air in your house passes through your filter, so you can imagine how the bacteria and particles build up over time. Filters help remove bacteria linked to sneezing, coughing, mold and viruses. The filters also remove pollutants, fumes and dust.

Keeping your air filters clean also improves the life of your HVAC system. When you’re changing your air filters regularly your HVAC system runs more efficiently. This helps reduce your monthly energy bills and keeps repair costs down. If the air filters are neglected and not replaced at least quarterly, they become clogged and make your air conditioning system work harder to cool your home. When your system is working harder, it raises your bill and shortens the life of your unit.

Unsure where to locate your air filters or how many you have?

Most homes have 3-4 filters and are usually found near the return vents, which may be on the ceiling, walls or in the HVAC system. After locating where to change your filter, you’ll need to determine the correct size of the filter to replace. The sizing is printed on the side, making it easy to find. Air filters throughout your home may be different sizes. Be sure to check them all before purchasing new ones.

When installing a new filter, just pop the old one out, place in the new filter with the arrows pointed towards the hole (ceiling, wall or floor) and close. While changing your air filter may seem easy enough (and it is!), it’s something that is mostly forgotten or installed incorrectly.

open-air-filter air-filter-sizes air-filter-correct-direction

Another important thing to add to your checklist is an HVAC system tune-up.

Riley Comfort and Air Conditioning in Phenix City, Alabama recommends seasonal tune-ups in the Fall & Spring to make sure your system is running at it’s best. We evaluate to see if any issues are on the rise before you experience any breakdowns or costly repairs. Call us today at 334-298-1278.

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