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Poor Air Flow? Try These Tips

Poor air flow in your HVAC system can affect both your home comfort levels and your energy bills. You may not even realize that there is a problem with your air’s circulation until a whopping gas or electric bill arrives. It’s important to pay attention to the strength of the air stream coming through your vents so that you can deal with problems before they become expensive.

How to Improve Air Flow

The most common issue affecting the air stream in a home is the air filter. Because it is out of sight, it is often also out of mind. You should install a new filter at the beginning of your heating or cooling season, and you should check the unit periodically to be sure that it is maintaining its shape and permitting air to flow. A filter that is really dirty can restrict the flow of air through your system, leading to poor performance and potential damage to your system components. A filter can become so filled with dirt that it buckles under the extra weight, allowing gaps that permit dirt to infiltrate your equipment. This poses additional risks of damage to sensitive system components.

Problems in your ducts and air registers can also lead to a weak stream of air and poor comfort control. Duct leaks can be responsible for up to 40 percent of your heating and cooling costs, and sealing is important for limiting the loss of energy. Blockages in the ducts and over your air registers can also lead to air flow problems in parts of the house. As you begin the heating or cooling season, inspect your registers to make sure that they are clear of blockages like furniture, clothing or curtains.

If you operate a heat pump or air conditioner, dirt on the indoor coils can cause the air flow to become weak. This can stress your system’s compressor, one of the most costly components to replace. It can also add as much as 20 percent to your heating and cooling bills. Pre-season maintenance is important for ensuring that parts are clean and functioning.

Home Performance Evaluations

An energy audit is excellent for pinpointing problems with efficiency in your home and HVAC system. Your technician can measure the performance of your heating and cooling equipment while also testing for leaks in the ducts. If you’ve done some preliminary troubleshooting and have found that there aren’t any blocked registers or dirty filter issues, you may want to enlist professional help in finding out why your energy bills are so high.

Riley Heating & Air Conditioning provides a comprehensive range of HVAC services throughout the year. If you are unable to resolve your air flow issues, we can inspect your system to identify problems. Our Phenix City, AL, office representatives can also schedule an energy audit or system maintenance service based on your needs. Call us today for more information.

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