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Optimize Your Indoor Air with Solaris®

Solaris® indoor air quality products bring outdoor-like freshness to your entire home while making the air healthier by removing allergens, germs, and airborne toxins in the HVAC airstream.

Although people associate air pollution with the outdoors, indoor air quality in the Columbus and Phenix City areas is often much poorer than the quality of the air outside. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that levels of indoor pollutants may be two to five times greater than levels of outdoor pollutants. However, our technicians at Riley will be able to conduct indoor air quality testing and perform HVAC services to greatly improve the air in your home quickly and efficiently.

We recommend the Solaris Air ionizer. It’s an electronic air cleaner that reduces ultra-fine particulates and freshens the air by breaking down odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemical/molecular contamination.

The Solaris Ionizer makes it possible to remove the microscopic particles known as nano-particulates that would otherwise pass through filtration. These are particles so small and light they remain suspended in air, are able to evade normal breathing defenses and can enter into the lungs and in some cases the bloodstream. When installed just prior to the filter, the microscopic particles are drawn into the HVAC system. The ionizer, which generates more than 320 million ions per cubic centimeter, statically charges the particulate causing large groups of them to gather and be captured in the nearby filter. When installed in HVAC air ducts supplying conditioned air to living spaces, the ions cause the same grouping of particulate. Some groups will be drawn into the HVAC air return, and some will simply fall out of the air.

What are the sources of ultra-fine air contamination?

  • Smoke, smog, ultra-fine atmospheric dust, coal soot
  • Common household odors from cooking, cleaning, and laundry, exercise and bathrooms.
  • Home improvement projects
  • Very fine suspended dust particles, even airborne rubber particles scrubbed from tires on highways and roads.
  • Agricultural activity, including fertilization
  • Industrial / construction / demolition activity
  • Engineered nano-particles found in everyday items such as cosmetics, building materials—even some fabrics shed them

Additional benefits of the Solaris Micro-Particulate Air Ionizer

  • Contributes to the reduction of microbes, allergens, and filter disinfection (when installed adjacent to a filter).
  • Enhances the filter’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Solaris Air Ionizer Features

  • > 320 Million +/– ions/cc
  • 6 ft. quick-release power cord included.
  • Connects to any 24 VAC transformer or any existing 24 VAC IAQ product.
  • Wall plug-in adapter available.
    Magnetic mount included.
  • Use individually or as part of a Solaris Whole House Component IAQ system.
  • Lifetime system warranty.

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