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Home Maintenance Tasks To Increase Savings This Fall

As the season change becomes noticeable, you may be looking for ways to enjoy the mild temperatures of fall and spend more time outside. However, it is important to include some home maintenance in your plans for the season so that your home comfort system will be able to offer optimum performance during the winter months. From fishing to enjoying other seasonal sports, your attention may be easily diverted from your HVAC equipment, but a few home improvement actions now could result in important savings during the colder months.

Heater Maintenance

One of the most important steps on your to-do list for the fall should be scheduling a tune-up for your heating system. A technician can clean and adjust relevant parts to ensure that everything is working correctly. This will allow plenty of time for parts to be replaced or repaired if necessary, reducing your potential for a mid-winter breakdown. As your equipment is optimized, it will also make better use of the energy, typically resulting in lower utility bills. Wouldn’t you rather invest your hard-earned resources in making memories with your loved ones? Preventive care can make a dramatic impact on your budget this winter.

Avoid Energy Loss by Sealing Air Leaks

An optimized heating system can still be inefficient if your home is leaky. Thorough air sealing and insulating can trim up to 10 percent from your energy use for home comfort equipment, and you can handle both issues rather easily. Use caulking and weather stripping to replace older material that may have become brittle over time. Fill new drafts or leaks promptly as you identify them. Check your attic to see if floor joists are visible. If they are, you can add more insulation to just cover the joists, allowing for energy loss to be curbed.

Check for Duct Leaks

Because they are out of sight, ducts may be forgotten as a potential source of energy waste. Leaks can result in up to 40 percent of your heating energy being lost to crawl spaces and other areas. Duct inspection and sealing may be warranted if your heating technician notices poor performance problems during your tune-up.

Update Window Treatments

You may love natural lighting, but during the winter, inefficient windows can result in the loss of heat. You can consider more efficient windows as one way to reduce the impact on your energy bills. However, the costs for high-efficiency windows can be out of reach. Insulated curtains, blinds, and other window coverings may help to reduce the movement of heat out of your home, increasing your potential energy savings.

Consider an Energy Audit

In addition to having your HVAC technician from Riley Heating & Air Conditioning inspect your mechanical heating equipment and ductwork, you might want to discuss the possibility of an energy audit this fall. This service allows for your home’s performance to be evaluated carefully so that you can make more deliberate efforts to curb energy loss and save money. Our Phenix City, AL customer care team can help you in scheduling any of these services when you call. Contact us today!

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