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Geothermal Systems Make For Environmentally Happy Homes

If you have been thinking about geothermal energy, we want you to consider a greener, leaner solution to your next HVAC system. Geothermal heating and cooling is one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions according to a recent EPA study.

A qualified, local geothermal expert will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your property and provide you with the information necessary to understand your heating and cooling options, based on where you live and the following three conditions:

  • Work Site Access – Geothermal systems are easiest to build on new sites, but that won’t be possible with a retrofit on existing lots. In some cases, the equipment your contractor uses may not be small enough to fit on small lots. It doesn’t hurt to ask if your contractor has access to compact drill rigs, chain trenchers and other discrete equipment.
  • Existing Ductwork and Electrical Service – Geothermal systems are known for low energy consumption, making it possible to do retrofits without extensively upgrading your electrical service. On the other hand, electrical upgrades may be necessary if you’re replacing a fossil fuel-powered furnace or if you’re including an electric backup heater in your geothermal setup. In addition, improvements to your existing ductwork may be needed to handle the larger volumes of airflow provided by geothermal systems.
  • Landscaping and Obstructions – Most geothermal installations require excavation of your home’s landscaping to a degree. The installation of horizontal closed-loop systems will definitely disturb your existing landscape, while vertical loops only require a fair amount of drilling. Contractors must watch out for concrete driveways, utility poles, water and sewer pipes, hard rock and other obstructions while installing the geothermal pipes.

If geothermal is the way to go, re-landscaping will need to be considered once your system is installed. In many cases, your geothermal contractor may mound soil on top of the completed system, and allow the soil to settle into the trenches over time. Working with climate-correct plants, grass and watering, your home will have an environmentally happy look outside and a comfortable feel inside.

Riley Heating & Air Conditioning is the name to turn to for the best geothermal heating and cooling solutions in Phenix City. Call us at 334-298-1278 today for an in-home evaluation.

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