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Why to Choose a Heat Pump in Georgia and Alabama

Are you wondering if heat pumps are a good choice? There are a number of reasons why heat pumps are a good choice if you live in Georgia or Alabama. These HVAC systems are a two-for-one. Heat pumps work in the summer to keep the home cool and reverse operation to provide heat for the home in the winter. Heat pumps provide year-round indoor conditioning along with energy efficiency. These marvels of invention work best in temperate climates like those in the southeast because they use the free energy supplied by Mother Nature to heat and cool homes.

How Heat Pumps Work

Presently, there are air-sourced heat pumps, ground-sourced heat pumps and water-sourced heat pumps. The latter two are also known as geothermal heat pumps. Instead of moving heat rather than converting it, air-sourced heat pumps deliver up to three times more heat energy than the electrical energy it uses. Using a compressor and coils, the air-sourced heat pump extracts heat from the outside latent air and turns it into a gas. Air is warmed over the coils and delivered to the home. The reversing valve changes the refrigerant flow during the summertime, and warm air is removed from the home and transferred outside.

Ground-sourced heat pumps consist of an underground network of piping that takes the heat energy stored in the ground and transfers it to the home through the home’s ducts. The landscape design, soil composition and size of property are all factors that determine whether or not a ground-sourced heat pump is appropriate. For water-sourced heat pumps, the body of water must have the right quality, volume and depth. Geothermal heat pumps circulate an antifreeze solution through an underground loop system made of buried tubing. The heat exchanger transfers heat between the solution in the loop and the refrigerant in the heat pump. Just like conventional systems, the air delivery to the home is through the home’s ductwork. The air handler contains a filter and large blower just like a traditional air conditioner.

Specialized equipment and technical knowledge are required for a proper installation of any geothermal system. Be sure to choose an installer who is both experienced and certified for the installation of these types of systems.

HVAC Products and Services at Riley Heating & Air Conditioning

At Riley Heating & Air Conditioning in Columbus GA, we carry and install top brand heat heat pumps, including air, ground and water. All of our heat pumps come with high energy-efficiency ratings and great warranties. Take advantage of our flexible financing plans with approved credit and our Internet discounts on select equipment. There is always a good deal at Riley Heating & Air Conditioning without a compromise to quality.

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