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Carbon Monoxide Detection this Winter

A Tip for Staying Safe During the Cold Weather | Carbon Monoxide Safety

If you have gas appliances in your home or office, a Carbon Monoxide Detector is a must have. These detectors will go into alarm if the slightest amount of Carbon Monoxide is detected due to heating equipment failure.

It is recommended that a Carbon Monoxide Detector be installed in each level of the home. If you have a single level home, it is wise to install the detector near sleeping areas. There are several types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors available. Most of which you can get from a local home improvement store for $30.00 or less. Installation is simple and they are very accurate. If you already have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in the home, make sure you test it yearly as instructed by the manufacturer. It is also recommended to replace Carbon Monoxide Detectors every 5-7 years.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is very dangerous and can lead to sickness or even death. Awareness can be a life saver. Take a moment to think about your friends or loved ones who may have gas appliances in their home and ask them if they are protected!

If Carbon Monoxide is suspected, open windows and doors, turn off any gas appliances, and exit the structure immediately to get fresh air. If serious symptoms occur like dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath, etc., seek emergency help asap.

Otherwise, call a professional appliance repair company for an evaluation of your heating equipment. An inexpensive yearly check-up from a licensed professional will help decrease potential life-threatening hazards.

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