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Button Up Your Furnace to Help Cool Your Home

You wouldn’t think of running your furnace in the middle of the summer, but you may not be aware of other elements in your home that can raise your indoor heat index. Now is the perfect time to button up your home against hot and humid weather, so you keep more of the air that you pay to cool indoors. The following tips can pay off big when it comes to enhancing your comfort at home.

Seal Up the Envelope

Any opening in the exterior walls, floors and ceilings that make up your home’s building envelope lets heat inside. Air sealing your home can help keep summer heat at bay:

  • Use household caulk to plug cracks around plumbing and gas fixtures, dryer vents and mail chutes.
  • Seal up larger gaps using a can of spray-foam insulation.
  • Make sure that your attic is adequately insulated and properly ventilated to relieve heat buildup.
  • Apply weatherstripping to drafty windows and doors.

Address Indoor Heat Sources

The last thing you want on a hot summer’s day is to generate additional heat inside your home. When outdoor temperatures rise:

  • Instead of using the oven, use a microwave, slow cooker or outdoor grill.
  • Postpone running the washer and dryer until the cool of the evening.
  • Anything that uses electricity also gives off heat, so keep lights and electronics turned off when not in use.

HVAC Solutions

Scheduling end-of-season furnace maintenance ensures that no energy-wasting leaks and cracks have developed in the system’s combustion or air delivery system. From preventive air conditioner and furnace maintenanceto whole-home energy audits, the skilled HVAC professionals at offer a variety of services that can help lower your cooling costs and improve your comfort.

To find more warm-weather strategies for keeping your home cool and comfortable without raising your utility bills, browse the energy-saving tips offered Riley Heating and Air Conditioning at or call 334-298-1278.

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