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Best Types of Heating for the Chattahoochee Valley

Residents of Eastern Alabama and Western Georgia may wonder about the best types of home heating for a number of reasons. Personal comfort is an important factor, especially during the chilliest winter days. Energy efficiency is another critical concern. While many types of heating equipment are available, some homes are limited by a lack of access to certain utilities. Other homeowners’ decisions are impacted by the existing structural details. It’s possible to explore general issues, but it’s always important to consult directly with your HVAC contractor before making any major changes.

Alabama, Georgia and Winter Climate Conditions

Columbus, GA, is considered a dividing line of sorts between the northern and southern parts of both states. While average winter temperatures in the city are mild, below-zero conditions have been reached on occasion. Locations north of the city are more likely to experience snow during the winter months, and locations to the south are unlikely to experience snow. There may be rare exceptions, but this generality can play an important role in deciding how to heat your home.

Heat Pump Benefits

A heat pump is excellent for areas south of Columbus. Locations like Eufaula, AL, are located in this zone, less prone to snowfall and icy conditions. The air source pump is able to operate efficiently during mild conditions, providing excellent comfort control both during the winter and during the humid summer months. Because this type of system serves dual comfort control purposes, it can help in limiting the equipment footprint on your property. A heat pump may be less efficient for home heating in a more northern location because of chillier conditions that inhibit heat transfer.

Furnace Benefits

A gas furnace provides powerful heating while keeping energy costs down during cold winter conditions. The heating performance of this system can be overbearing in homes that only need mild temperature control during the winter. However, this home heating option is excellent for residences located north of the snowline in Alabama and Georgia. Your ability to install a furnace can be limited if your home doesn’t have access to gas lines.

Consulting with an Area Expert

Because conditions vary by location, it’s important to work with an experienced professional in your community as you consider designing a new heating system or renovating your existing system. Riley Heating & Air Conditioning can provide important insight while calculating the heating load of your Eufaula, AL, home. Our team can offer solutions that work with your utility options, comfort needs and budget. Call our office to schedule a consultation.

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