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Can I Take Care of My Server Room Cooling on My Own?


Many businesses have a server room or computer room to manage all your network server resources. The size of the server room depends on the type of business you operate: it might be the size of a small closet, or it could take up several rooms worth of space. If you’re reading this, you probably have a small server room, but this doesn’t make it any less important to the success of your business on a day-to-day basis. Damage to the servers can mean a devastating loss of data as well as downtime for your computers. Even if heat doesn’t cause permanent damage to the equipment, it will limit its working capacity and lower response times.

Server rooms generate immense amounts of heat, so they must have cooling to protect the equipment in them. How can you cool your server room? You might think this is something easily managed: maybe leave the door open or place a fan in there. Or a portable AC/swamp cooler unit.  And doesn’t the normal HVAC system take care of keeping the room cool?

No, a standard HVAC system isn’t sufficient—and you definitely need professionals to help you set up proper server room cooling.

Server Rooms Have Special Cooling Considerations

Because a server room is a closed environment that contains numerous heat-generating components in close proximity, it will rapidly become extremely hot inside the room. This heat will damage the internal components of computers and servers.

The ideal temperature for equipment in a server room is between 68 and 71°F, which is also the comfort zone for most people. You’re accustomed to the central AC for a building managing the comfort needs for people, but that same AC can’t just be routed into the server room to provide the same temperature. The enclosed space and extra heat is too much. Creating the right climate conditions requires a more powerful cooling system.

There is also the issue of airflow. Cool air can’t simply be blown into a server room to provide sufficient cooling to lower the temperature of equipment. Air needs to be able to circulate through the racks and pull heat away from the servers and computers.

Server Room Cooling Solutions

As you can probably tell, there’s plenty you need to consider when finding the best way to control the temperature inside a server room. It’s best to leave the job to experienced commercial cooling professionals. Experts not only install the powerful cooling systems necessary to protect server rooms, but they also look to provide energy efficiency and avoid other environmental concerns (such as making the air inside the server room too dry, another source of damage to electrical equipment).

You can rely on our technicians at Riley for your server room cooling in Columbus, GA. We’ll find the optimal temperature for the equipment based on its size, the number of servers, the heat output of its equipment, the amount of airflow, the thickness of the walls, and more. We’ll install the right server room cooling, and afterward, you can always rely on us for other services such as repairs and regular maintenance. 

You can Rely on Riley! Contact Riley Heating & Air for your commercial heating and cooling needs in Columbus.

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