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Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats in Columbus, GA

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Are you one of the many people out there thinking about making your home a smart home? If you’re trying to figure out how to make this a seamless transition, then rely on the Riley Heating & Air professionals. We’re known for our:

  • Kindness, professionalism, and integrity.
  • Our high-level reputation.
  • Treating all employees and customers like family.

We’re the team to turn to for quality work. We can recommend great brands that our team has vetted, such as the Google Home thermostat and the Alexa thermostat. We’ve got it all. 

Contact us for your Wi-Fi and smart thermostat in Columbus, GA. Rely on Riley.


Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

While smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are great, they’re not going to provide you with the type of efficiency and convenience you’re looking for without proper installation. That’s why we’re here. We have rockstar technicians that are trained and experienced. We’ll provide you with the right installation to set you up for success.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Replacement

Sooner or later, you’re going to need to replace any thermostat you have installed in your home. If you’ve realized this day has come because your smart or Wi-Fi thermostat no longer works the way it should, then we’ll help you with the replacement. We’ll assess your home, find you the perfect new unit, and install it for you.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair

There are things that can go wrong with even the best smart or Wi-Fi thermostat system. If this happens in your home, then you can always refer to one of our professionals for the service you need. We’re kind and thorough. We’ll make sure you receive the necessary work fast and efficiently.